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Point of view has an important role in any narrative. In “She Lives in a Story”, Segovia and Ofelia are authors of their own tale, while Samperio is the matrix narrator. After Segovia establishes his story, Ofelia takes on a new role by beginning her own tale. She is able to connect the two stories when she states:

“I write that he writes a story that I live in” (Samperio 60)

Ofelia accepts that she is a character in another characters narrative. She is trying to reframe the situation and is attempting to create her own story. By creating this new story, she is the one who is in charge and has the power to give the roles to the other characters, whereas before she was the one who was being watched. Her story incorporates another characters actions, motives and thoughts. When reading this line, it was clear to understand that there is two separate stories going on but finally the two characters are aware of both of their existences. Shifting the point of view to blatantly tell the audience what is going on in her mind as well as in Segovia’s story was a very interesting concept I have never seen before.

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