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Figural characterization is portrayed when a character within the story is describing traits about another character in the story. This is interesting because the traits that the reader is described can be from a bias or as observations. These traits can also come off in an explicit or implicit manner. As stated in the story,

“As he shut off the engine, he decided that the woman in this story would be a young actress whom he admired, for her performances and her extraordinary beauty” (Samperio 56).

It is evident that Guillermo Segovia is creating the character he wants to put in to his own story. He is focusing on her youthfulness, her acting skills and physical description when giving the audience an idea of the character. He wants to portray the character in his story to be someone that the audience will be able to imagine, not just understand. This act can be categorized as figural characterization because Segovia is characterizing Ofelia. Auto characterization can be seen because he himself is showing how he is particular on who will play the role of Ophelia. He shows the reader his own traits when he wants to express certain qualities in his character. By choosing her based on her looks expresses the idea that the Guillermo does not plan on giving her any substantial purpose.

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