Blog 5

The time I almost died..

Two years ago, my brother and I went to JFK airport to pick up my cousins who were flying in from Canada. As my brother pulled over in the arrival lane, I began getting out of the car to go into the airport. Not looking to my left, I stepped out and began walking. I remembered later that I did not look to my left because the entire time that I waited in the car, I did not see one car coming from the left side of traffic. Not realizing it at that time, this occurred because there was a long red light and that’s why no vehicle caught my attention from that direction. So, I took a few steps toward the airport doors, not thinking anything of it, until a huge shuttle bus almost killed me! Luckily, the security guard standing across the road screamed loud enough to catch my attention and make me stop in time. I was so shocked at how fast the shuttle bus whizzed past my face that I just stood on the road. I was even more shocked that I did not notice a huge bus approaching the side of my body. After gathering my senses I walked into the airport where my cousins could tell something was wrong. I explained the story and since then I have always been afraid and extremely cautious when crossing any street.

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