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One of the most interesting aspects of the novel Don Quixote is its change in point of view. The narrator is constantly being questioned as different stories are being exposed to the reader. At the conclusion of one of these sotries, the narrator must stop,

“…because at this point the wise and circumspect historian Cide Hamete Benengeli put an end to the third” (Cervantes 243).

As a reader, this line stands out because it reminds the audience that there is a story being told from a third party, not the story maker himself. Previous to this line, a story was being told but the narrator has to stop because the person he is using as a source takes a break in telling the story. The point of view comes to a shift here because the reader is unaware of who is telling the story and how it will continue. Although this is not the first time that Cide Hamante Benengeli is mentioned, it still reminds the reader that the narrator is telling the story based on Benengeli. As the reader going on with the story from the first time the name is mentioned until this point, it is easy for the reader to forget who is telling the story, but this line helps the reader put everything back in perspective. It also gives Cervantes a lot of props because it shows the reader what an intricate story he created.

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