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Don Quixote is seen as a madman throughout the entire novel. From his creation of the helmet to his adventures to the inn, he keeps on making up his own life and playing by his own fantasy. The most entertaining aspect of the novel is that even the characters around him play his game. Once the inn keeper appoints Don Quixote to a knight, Don Quixote states,

“It must have been about daybreak when Don Quixote left the inn, so happy, so gallant, so delighted at being a properly dubbed knight that every the very girths of his horse were bursting with joy” (Cervantes 41).

The inn where Don Quixote was staying at is the location where he is finally made an actual knight. The way that the individuals at the inn played along with the knight and dubbed him as a knight was extremely ridiculous. Don Quixote is being made fun of by everyone around him but he does not see it at all. According to Don Quixote, he can now go on with his knight duties such as fighting other knights and saving all damsels in distress. The diction used by Cervantes to explain his excitement shows the reader how immersed he truly is in this unrealistic life style. The new knight even feels the excitement within his horse, which is obviously not as gallant or ‘bursting with energy’.  His madness is clearly portrayed in this scene because he is living in a running illusion.

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