Blog 8

Sancho and Don Quixote are travelling on their horses when they come across a huge field with large windmills. Don Quixote does not see the windmills as they are and instead sees them as giants. After attempting to fight them, he comes to the conclusion they were something only a knight would understand. Sancho then claims,

“For God’s sake! Didn’t I tell you to be careful what you were doing, didn’t I tell you they were only windmills?” (Cervantes 64).

Sancho goes along with almost everything that Don Quixote says. The two men take weird adventures together but Sancho never seems to say anything to Don Quixote. This is one of the first scenes where Sancho questions what the knight is doing. Here his first statement comes off as if he is worried for Don Quixote because he almost hurt himself. As a follower, Sancho does not want to loose his friend, expecially to unrealistic giants. The second statement is Sancho’s way of restating the fact that he tried to warn Don Quixote from going after the windmills. Regardless of how Don Quixote takes the news, Sancho still feels the need to make him try to understand that he is not looking at objects in a realistic manner. Sancho clearly sees that there are no giants in the field and that Don Quixote is crazy but he still continues his expedition with him which makes his character so interesting to follow.

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