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Don Quixote Review

If I was to rate this novel, I would give it a 3. Based on the time period it was written, a lot of credit should be given to the story line as well as the style it was written in. The plot of Don Quixote and Sancho Panza is well developed and interesting. None of the stories in the novel are boring or go on for a long duration of time. Having quick blurbs about Don Quixote acting like a madman and going into various villages to attack random men keeps the reader engaged with the story. The way that Cervantes introduces other characters is also well developed. He is able to intertwine various stories so that they end up connecting to their Don Quixote or his adventure. There are also those hand full of characters who disappear after their quick entrance in the novel, making it easy for the reader to stay focused on the major characters.

The basic idea behind the story is good, but I cannot give it a solid five for many reasons. First off the size of the novel makes me not want to read it. I do not like the idea of having to lug around a three pound book with me. Also the fact that a lot of the details become redundant makes me not want to read the story.  Almost every short adventure includes Don Quixote attacking someone or something which caused him no hard. He is clearly a mad man and is depicted as the one who gets in the most trouble. The final reason why I do not like this type of novel is that there is not clear narrator. I do not like the idea of following the details of a unreliable source. I did not like the way that the author addressed the reader in the prologue or included the story about Cide Hamante Benengeli. Both of these aspects made me feel detached from the story.

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