Blog 12

I remember…

I remember my heart beating extremely quickly as soon as the bus whizzed by me. I felt that all my blood was rushing to my feet and my finger tips. I was sweaty and jittery and could not come to my senses for at least two minutes. The entire arrival gate was bustling with cars and people, there were voices of all kinds running through my head, and all I wanted to do was cry! I hated how no one around me cared to see why I almost got his by the shuttle bus or if I was ok because I was the only person standing in the middle of oncoming traffic. I also remember wondering if anyone would have even noticed if I got hit by the shuttle bus. I’m sure that all of the loud clitter and clatter would have become silent once there was news a girl was run over, but at this moment – no one seemed to care. The only person who showed me any regard was the security guard who saved my life. I was tempted to go up to her and hug her, but I knew that seemed weird so I stopped myself. I gave her a half smile and then continued walking into the arrival gate. As soon as I saw my cousins I remember telling the story with the most intricate details. At first I remember them staring at me and chuckling under their breath. They clearly didn’t understand how annoyed I was until I stopped the story and began walking away. I remember both my cousins hugging me and telling me it was over now and I was safe.

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