Blog 13

The story of Omaha Bigelow is very weird but entertaining at the same time. I think that the way that the characters develop is very interesting. Vega is able to place the characters in a well fit setting, making the entire plot have some accuracy. Including the street names and blocks allows the reader to follow the steps that the characters take. When reading the novel, one can also understand the difference between cultures of the Puerto Ricans and whites. The diction that Vega uses in the novel to describe the women is pretty ridiculous. Overall the language used is vulgar and bold. It was a change compared to other novels because professors usually do not include such books in a syllabus. Certain parts were a little disturbing but as a whole it was enticing. One thing that I did not love about the story line was how the characters could call Vega and complain about the other characters. Breaking the third wall irritated me as a reader because I did not belive anything that was mentioned afterwards. Furthermore, the fact that there is magic and the female characters can transform into monkeys and pigeons was unrealistic. I would rate this novel a 4 because it was entertaining but extremely unrealistic.

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