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A matrix narrator is the main narrator of the story. This narrator is usually depicted as the author of the story, especially when the novel is being told in a third person point of view. Vega includes framing in his novel when he states,

“Maruquita handed Omaha the cell phone. He took it hesitantly. Mr. Vega?” (Vega 98)

Maruquita is giving Omaha the option to speak to Mr. Vega. This scene is showing how there is a break in the narration. Clearly the matrix narrator is Mr. Vega, who is the actual narrator of the story. However, this is being tested when Maruquita is having a conversation with the author. Having a character actually address an author is awkward for the audience. There is supposed to be a break or a wall between the two entities but this is not the case in this story. Although it is an interesting aspect of the story, it also makes the story extremely unrealistic. The audience is now aware of the behind the scene action and how the characters are just playing a role and not their actual lives. It ruins the story because Vega is able to develop his characters so well but once the reader sees them as complainers, the reader does not see any substance to them.

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