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Omaha Bigelow is pushed into a situation where he must obey the rules set by those around him. By being granted his biggest wish in all of his life, he realizes he must follow some rules within society. Omaha is forced to be a faithful lover to Maruquita, and she warns him by stating,

“Don’t cheat on me. Okay? Don’t play me for a fool…Cauze if you do I will take the bohango back” (Vega 105).

Maruquita has a special way of talking all throughout the novel. Vega is able to pick up on her accent as well as her illiteracy. This is depicted when she states “cauze”. This line is classic when reading it from a woman’s point of view because every girl wishes to say it to a significant other. Having the power to take away such an important aspect of a man’s body is incredible. Making a sexual concept the overall idea of the story reminds the reader of the two main characters and what they need in their lives. Vega’s entire plot is summarized with this one line. Giving Omaha his big bohango is a key part of the story line. Maruquita threatens her lover here and lets him know what will happen to him if he even dares to look at another girl.

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