Farness, Jay. “Festive Theater, Restive Narrative in Don Quixote, Part 1” PMLA 107.1 (1992): 105-119. 27 June 2011. Web

Farness looks at the narration in Don Quixote and gives credit to the way Cide Hamante shifts the emphasis of the main character in the second part of the 1605 Don Quixote. She explores the meaning of ‘festive theater’ and how this technique is used to explain the actions of Don Quixote de la Mancha. The essay also looks at the use of the ‘saturnalian festival’ within the narrative and how this then leads to symbolism within the text. Farness sums up her argument on ideas revolving around high culture in early modern Europe and the traditions which are mentioned within the story.

Polchow Shannon M. “Manipulation of Narrative Discourse: From Amadis De Gaula to ‘Don Quixote’” Hispania 88.1 (2005): 72-81. 27 June 2011. Web

Polchow addresses how Cervantes uses chivalry to explain his main character as well as the way that the novel is structured. She goes into detail of the different narrators which are depicted in the text. This essay further breaks down how Cide Hamante Benengeli is used as an additional voice in the story of Don Quixote de la Mancha.

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