Extra Credit

Airport Trauma

While staring out the window of the car, she though back to two years ago, when she went with her brother to to JFK airport. She was there to pick up her cousins who were flying in from Canada. As her brother pulled over in the arrival lane, she began getting out of the car to go into the airport. She clearly remembered not looking to her left but instead just kept walking. She didn’t even bother taking a glance in that direction because the entire time that she sat waiting in the car, she did not see one car coming from the left side of traffic. Not realizing it at that time, this occurred because there was a long red light and that’s why no vehicle caught her attention. So, she took a few steps toward the airport doors, not thinking anything of it, until a huge shuttle bus almost killed her! She gilted at the thought and again her heart began beating extremely quickly as soon as she re-imagined the bus whizzing by.  Luckily, the security guard standing across the road screamed loud enough to catch her attention and made her stop in just in time. Even after all that time elaped, she was still so shocked at how fast the shuttle bus whizzed past her face. All of a sudden all her blood was rushing to her feet and finger tips. To this day it still irritates her how no one around her cared to see why she almost got his by the shuttle bus or if she was ok because she was the only person standing in the middle of oncoming traffic. After gathering her senses that day, she finally was able to walk into the airport where her cousins could tell something was wrong. She explained the story, and how she wanted to cry and how angry she was at the by standers. The only person who showed her any regard was the security guard who saved her life. Now – it was time to get out of the car and go back into the air port to pick up her aunt and uncle. She conjured up enough courage and managed to walk straight into the air port without any hassle.

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